How to get free Disneyland Tickets

How amazing would it be to get free Disneyland tickets?! Is it even possible? We think so but you may have to go to great lengths to get them.

Timeshares are your best bet

If you've never done a timeshare presentation you're in for a real treat. If you have you know what to expect. Pressure, pressure, pressure. They know all the excuses in the book when you think of a good reason to say no. You need to be tough and prepared. You also need to come of as an interested person. It's called a False Positive approach.

There are a few timeshare resorts in the Anaheim area that may at times offer free Disneyland tickets for attending a presentation.

Club Wyndham has a resort in Anaheim called Dolphin's Cove. You's want to contact Club Wyndham for details of any presentations happening there and what the gift would be.

The other resort would be the Marriott's Newport Coast Villas. It's a small drive from Disneyland to the resort and they advertise the Disneyland Resort theme parks to their clients. Contact their sales department to find out their times for presentations and what their gift is.

Radio Stations

The classic call in and win techniques are still a good bet to score some free Disneyland tickets or a Disneyland vacation. A good way to see what your radio station is currently offering as a promotion is to visit their website. We would suggest going from station to station until you find one, even across state lines. Utah seems to have the most Disneyland give-a-ways then any other state out there. Check-out some of their stations:

Social Media

There are a ton of businesses on social media who love to do give-a-ways to obtain followers. They typically want you to do some sort of commenting, sharing, and following in order to win. This doesn't take long. Check-out companies like Park Savers and aRes Travel on Facebook and Twitter to see if they have any give-a-ways. You can also use the search term #giveaway or #freebies to find promotions.

Sell your old junk

Having a good old fashioned garage sale of your old stuff can result in hundreds of dollars you never knew you had. Take all the money you make from the sale and put it into a Disneyland Fund. If you're not interested in a garage sale you can always list on Craigslist or eBay. 

One cool way to save

Disney Vacation Accounts are really cool. You make deposits into your account every week, bi-weekly, or monthly. When you've saved up enough for your trip you use your account to purchase that trip. For every $1,000 you spend from your account Disney will give you a free $20 gift card to use on your vacation. That's free money!