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2019 Discount Disneyland Tickets

Disneyland no doubt is a top destination for families to visit, especially in 2019. While your initial search probably showed you that Disneyland is expensive, we’re here to show you one of the ways you can save on your vacation – Discount Disneyland Tickets. Yes they do exist and they can help you save so you can enjoy more churros and corn dogs. There are safe ways to buy them and not safe ways. Continue below to see our Top 5 Savings Tips and the best place to buy your tickets.

Here is a comparison of current Disneyland Discount Tickets vs. Main Gate Pricing at Disneyland.

Disneyland Ticket PricesDisneyland 2019 Ticket PricesDiscount Disneyland Tickets Price
1-Day/1-Park Per Day Disneyland Tickets AdultValue: $104
Regular: $129
Peak: $149
No Disneyland discount tickets for one day.
1-Day/1-Park Per Day Disneyland Tickets ChildValue: $98
Regular: $122
Peak: $141
There are not discount Disneyland one day tickets.
1-Day Park Hopper Disneyland Ticket AdultValue: $154
Regular: $179
Peak: $199
There are no deals on one day Disneyland tickets.
1-Day Park Hopper Disneyland Ticket ChildValue: $148
Regular: $172
Peak: $191
There's no discount Disneyland tickets for one day tickets.
2-Day/1-Park Per Day Disneyland Discount Ticket child$210$205
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2-Day/1-Park Per Day Disneyland Discount Ticket Adult$225$220
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2-Day Park Hopper Cheap Disneyland Ticket child$265$260
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2-Day Park Hopper Cheap Disneyland Ticket Adult$280$275
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3-Day/1-Park Per Day Discount Disneyland Ticket Child$280$270
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3-Day/1-Park Per Day Discount Disneyland Ticket Adult$300$290
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3-Day Park Hopper Disneyland Ticket Deal Child$335$323
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3-Day Park Hopper Disneyland Ticket Deal Adult$355$343
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4-Day/1-Park Per Day Discount Disneyland Ticket Child$305$295
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4-Day/1-Park Per Day Discount Disneyland Ticket Adult$325$315
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4-Day Park Hopper Disneyland Deal Tickets Child$360$346
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4-Day Park Hopper Disneyland Deal Tickets Adult$380$366
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5-Day/1-Park Per Day Disneyland Discount Ticket Child$320$310
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5-Day/1-Park Per Day Disneyland Discount Ticket Adult$340$330
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5-Day Park Hopper Disneyland Tickets Discount Child$375$361
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5-Day Park Hopper Disneyland Tickets Discount Adult$395$381
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Free Tip: If you find yourself browsing around for Disneyland Discount Tickets be sure to look for hidden fees like taxes being added in on the final page. They may display a price that looks amazing at first but then add in taxes and fees at the end making it not a great price. Other companies do charge convenience fees per ticket which you also want to avoid.

Get Away Today

There’s one company that we trust the most when it comes to discount Disneyland tickets and that’s Get Away Today. They’ve been wholesale partners with Disney for over 20 years and have received numerous awards for their customer service and top discounts. Even if you put all that aside, we love Get Away Today because they offer a Best Price Guarantee on their Disneyland tickets. This ensures you’ll receive THE best discount online. There may be competitors but nobody offers a Best Price Guarantee like Get Away Today.

Where not to buy your discount tickets

Yes, there are several places you should not buy your discounted tickets from. The saying “If it’s too good to be true”….100% applies to buying discount Disneyland tickets. We could jump into some serious details here but to keep it to the point, risking your hard earned money to save a few extra bucks isn’t worth it!

  1. Renting or Splitting Tickets – This is never a good idea. Years ago you may have been able to get away with this; however, Disney has a system in place where this is not possible anymore. Never buy used tickets or tickets that have to be returned at the end of the day. You will lose every time.
  2. eBay and Craigslist – Even if the title of the auction says “Brand New” there is no way to confirm this. Buying tickets like this and then getting to the parks only to find out they are in fact not valid is the worst way to start your vacation. Avoid buying from these websites.
  3. Website that claim half-priced tickets – This goes along with our first idea that there are deals “..too good to be true.” Half-priced tickets don’t exist. If they did we’d be recommending them. One of the best ways to spot of fake is in the name. If they use anything like “Disneyland” or “Disney” in their name, they are not an authorized wholesaler. Having said that, authorized wholesalers would never offer half-priced tickets. Read below to see why.
  4. 1 Day Disneyland Tickets – No authorized wholesalers can sell 1 day tickets at a discount. This is one of the easiest ways to spot a fake seller. Don’t fall for it. If you’re headed to Disneyland for a day, please read below about our suggestions for 1 day tickets.

Buying Discount Disneyland Tickets

While we wholeheartedly recommend our trusted partner the truth is that there are a few other ways to purchase tickets at a discount. Some still offer discounts and some don’t. They change over time and as they do we update this list.

  1. Get Away Today – Just one more plug for our recommended partner. We have scoured the internet for years trying to find someone who can beat these guys on pricing for the general public and nobody can. Their Best Price Guarantee is what does it for them (and us). The nice thing is that 99% of the time you don’t even need to use it because their ticket prices are already the lowest.
  2. AAA Disneyland Tickets – Take a look at their website and see what they are offering. Last we checked they were dropped as a wholesaler and now do everything via retail and packages. Keep in mind this is still a members-only way of purchasing.
  3. Costco Disneyland Tickets – Years ago Costco used to have amazing deals on Disneyland tickets. Now they are non-existent. We check every month or two to see if they’ve come online or into the warehouse and to this day, nothing. They only do packages at this time.
  4. Vons, Safeway, Sam’s Club and more – All these retailers have at one point sold Disneyland tickets but to our knowledge either do not anymore or they have no discount worth mentioning. Like Costco, Sam’s Club is all packages now.
  5. Military Discounts – These are the hottest prices online and no one can touch them (not even Get Away Today). If you have access to these tickets we recommend 100% that you buy them. They are available to all active-duty and retired military personnel and their families. Military ID does have to be shown at the parks to use them. Veterans cannot currently purchase these tickets.
  6. Group Discounts – If you’re traveling with a group of 15 or more you may want to check with Disney directly to see what kind of discounts they can offer you on tickets. They also have a Youth Program for ages 3-22 with discounts available.
  7. Grad Nite Disneyland – Grad Nite is a great way for graduating seniors to go to Disneyland and pay less for their ticket. They happen every year in May and June and seniors can purchase their tickets through their school.

Getting in for free

Is this possible to get into Disneyland for free? Yes it is but there’s a catch. You have to know someone who works at the parks. Cast Members can sign in guests for free each year. How many times is based on their hire status. Most can do this 16 times a year, each time allowing 3 guests to receive a 1 day Park Hopper Ticket. Cast Members cannot sell these benefits and we highly discourage you from seeking one out if you don’t know one already.

There are other ways to get in free to the parks but they will take a bit of time to complete. We’re referring to Time Share sales of course where you go in a listen to someone sell you on a timeshare such as Worldmark/Wyndham or Marriott. Typically these presentations last about 3-4 hours and then you have to decide if you want to purchase or not. If you do, great! If you don’t be sure you’re ready to say no firmly. At the end of all of this you will receive free tickets (or whatever was offered). Currently our favorite time share offer is with Resort Daddy. You can get a free hotel and tickets at a discounted rate when you book through them.

1 Day Ticket Discounts

This is the most sought after discount when it comes to Disneyland tickets. There are thousands of people everyday who only have enough time for one day at Disneyland and would love to save on that ticket. Unfortunately there is no discounts available to the general public on these tickets. Even wholesalers like Get Away Today cannot sell 1 day tickets. Disney has complete control over these tickets and the best thing we can suggest is to buy them online or through the official Disneyland app to avoid box office lines.

Annual Passports

There are several Annual Passes available for the Disneyland Resort, the real question is should you get one? If you live in Southern California and go to the parks a lot this is a no brainer. But what if you’re not a So. Cal Resident? At this point what you really need to calculate is how many days you’ll visit the parks vs. cost of those tickets.

Disneyland Annual Passports2019 PricingEntry and Discounts
So. Cal. Select Annual Pass$399Entry to both parks pending block-out days.
Merchandise - 10%
Dining - 10%
Deluxe Annual Pass$799Entry to both parks pending block-out dates.
Merchandise - 10%
Dining - 10%
Signature Annual Pass$1,149Entry to both parks pending block-out dates.
Merchandise - 20%
Dining - 15%
Free Parking
Signature Plus Annual Pass$1,399Entry to both parks every day of the year.
Merchandise - 20%
Dining - 15%
Free Parking

If you plan to visit the parks 8 days or more in a year you may want to look at purchasing an annual pass. However, if depends on what you typically pay for a ticket. If our example we’re going to use the average person who purchases a discount ticket from Get Away Today. If you buy a 4 day park hopper ticket from you’ll spend about $366 on that ticket. Now if you plan to go again for another 4 days buying the same 4 day park hopper ticket you total cost for the two trips would be $732.

Now the Deluxe annual pass is currently $799 so if we were in the above scenario we would have purchased the Deluxe annual pass for our two trips. Why? Because annual passes include discounts that would have made up the difference between $732 and $799. It would have been well worth the spend. Of course if we had an additional trip or we were going for more than 8 days in a year, the annual pass makes sense.

Free Tip: You can upgrade any Disneyland ticket purchased from Get Away Today to an annual pass and get full value of the ticket towards the upgrade! This will help you save on the price of your annual pass at the box office. To upgrade simply visit any box office with your purchased ticket and let them know you want to upgrade to a pass. They’ll apply the full value of your ticket to your new pass!

Top 5 Savings

Here are our Top 5 Savings on discounted Disneyland tickets for 2019:

  1. 3-Day Park Hopper Ticket – Get Away Today is offering this ticket at a discount of $100 during Spring 2019.
  2. 4-Day Park Hopper Ticket – Save $106 over gate pricing with this Disneyland Ticket.
  3. 5-Day Park Hopper Ticket – Save $111 over gate pricing with this limited-time Spring offer.
  4. 3-Day 1 Park Per Day Ticket – Save $95 on this 1 Park Per Day Ticket for a limited-time.
  5. 5-Day 1 Park Per Day Ticket – Save $106 on this limited-time Spring offer ticket with Get Away Today.

A little instruction before you purchase. If the page isn’t showing you the current special pricing it may be because you haven’t selected a correct date. These prices are based on a Spring Special Offer that has to be used by May 23rd, 2019. This means the last day of use for your ticket is May 23rd, 2019 or before. Select the date you’re going to be there and then see what pricing is available.

Packages offer savings too

We get that a lot of people just want tickets only which is what this page is dedicated to. However, keep in mind that Disneyland packages can save you even more money. Unless you own a house, time-share or have family or friends in the Anaheim area you’re most likely going to need a place to stay. Why not package it all together and save even more? Plus when you book with Get Away Today you’ll receive over $400 in digital coupons and free gear like lanyards and a backpack.

Buying Last Minute Tickets

There is hope if you’ve planned a last-minute trip to Disneyland to save on tickets. If you’re planning to use your tickets within 72 hours or less we recommend you purchase from Park Savers. They offer last-minute savings on Disneyland tickets for up to same day purchase. Their tickets are e-Tickets like Get Away Today which allows you to skip the box office and head straight into the parks using just your mobile phone. If you’re traveling at 72 hours or more then we recommend you purchase your tickets with Get Away Today.