Interview with a Disneyland Cast Member

We recently sat down with a Disneyland Cast Member who told us about some of the perks of working at Disneyland. She was pretty excited to share some of these things and we we're blown away by her response's.

"I have done some amazing things since being a CM. Most of the cool stuff I've done was through the College Program. I got to tour Walt's apartment, the Dream Suite, and the studios in Burbank. I got a very relaxed tour of the Haunted Mansion...we could basically go where ever we wanted to go. I have a picture of me playing the organ in the ballroom. It's basically the coolest thing.

I've gotten to walk through attractions including "going on safari" at the Jungle Cruise. Let me tell you, it is a legitimate jungle out there and my flashlight sucked but it was awesome. I recently walked through the primeval world diorama. We get cool stuff like after hours parties in the golden horseshoe or on the Mark Twain and movie nights in the Main Street Opera House or in the Indiana Jones safety film room.

We get to watch the Christmas parade dress rehearsals and hang out with santa and the princesses on main street at 1am, we get cast previews of new rides and of my favorite things was watching Jurassic Park on the dock of the jungle cruise. There was a sheet hung on a boat as the screen, another boat was full of snacks, and chairs set up along the upper and lower docks.

Jungle Cruise photos

Being a Cast Member is amazing and sometimes the magic is as simple as walking through the park when it's empty; when all the lights on main street are out but the castle is still lit and you can see Walt and Mickey in front of it. You just can't believe how incredibly lucky you are to not only get to be here every day but to be able to contribute to the place that made you happier than anything's an honor to work at Disneyland and after almost 4 years, I still don't understand how I got so lucky!"

If this doesn't make you want work at Disneyland we don't know what would!