Disneyland Construction Timeline - Star Wars Land, New Hotel, and More!

As many of you already know the Disneyland Resort will be adding several new features to their iconic Anaheim theme park over the next several years. With so much going on we wanted to put together a timeline for ease and to help you plan your trips around times that you want to be there with certain attractions opened and finished. 

Star Wars Land - Disneyland Park

The announcement of Star Wars Land brought a lot of cheers and jeers for the Anaheim Theme Park which hasn't had a major expansion this big in many many years. After purchasing Lucas Films LTD, one of Disney's first moves was this. And it's going to be extraordinary. We're pretty excited. 

Star Wars Land Disneyland Resort

Construction has already begun on the land and has closed several close attractions such as Big Thunder Ranch and Pass, the Disneyland RR, and the Mark Twain Riverboat. If you happen to ride Big Thunder Mountain RR right now at the top of both climbs you can see the construction very clearly. They are working had and fast to get this new land done. 

Star Wars Land Disneyland Resort

As of right now the Disneyland RR and Mark Twain Riverboat are scheduled to re-open Summer 2017. The Disneyland RR will feature a somewhat new route that includes a really cool trestle bridge over the water. We're excited to have this classic attraction back!

Disneyland Railroad bridge opening
Star Wars Land Disneyland Resort

Star Wars Land itself has no official completion date but we would guess sometime in late 2018. Cross your fingers!

New Property Hotel

Last year Disney also announced that they would be adding their 4th property hotel, a AAA 4 Diamond hotel featuring 700 new rooms and rooftop access for hotel guests to enjoy the fireworks each night from it's restaurant. It sounds so awesome. With this new hotel, One Smart Mouse has heard rumors from employees that a new entrance is going to be built into Disneyland Park via a bridge into Star Wars Land. 

New Disneyland Hotel

This is not something that has been announced by Disney but it matches perfectly with the construction they are doing. The bridge will be known as Skywalker Bridge and would be finished at the time of the hotels completion. Woot!

New Disneyland Hotel

New Attraction - California Adventure Park

Mission Breakout Guardians of the Galaxy Ride

Many of us were sad to hear of the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror's closing in January of this year. We'll miss you! It will re-open in Summer of 2017 as a new attraction called Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout! The ride will be similar in the up and down-ness of Twilight Zone but will feature a totally new story incorporating both Guardians of the Galaxy films and their music. You can't go wrong with some great music...

New Entrance and Parking

New Disneyland Entrance and Parking

Lastly, Disney announced that they would be re-doing the entrance area on the East end of the resorts entrance. It will include a pedestrian bridge from the hotel side of the street so guests can walk right over instead of waiting at traffic lights. Also on that side of the street they will be building a new multi-level parking garage. Finally!

New Disneyland Parking and Entrance

This should be completed by 2018 as well. 

So there you have it. There's so much to look forward to at the Disneyland Resort over the next several years! We hope you get to visit soon!