Club 33 at Disneyland Park

Club 33 is infamous. It's legendary. Walt Disney used it as a private club to wine and dine his guests and investors. Now it's one of the most private clubs in the world. To visit you must know a member, who are few. So naturally you want to know how to become a member. It's virtually impossible. It's an amazing place to go to and dine and see some historical Disney memorabilia. But is membership really worth it? Here's some things you should know about membership.

It's expensive. Like really really really expensive. When the Club underwent transformation several years ago they got rid of several membership types including Silver and Gold memberships. These were some of the most basic membership you could purchase. They required a $10,000 buy-in and around $3,600 a year. After the transformation there was only one basic membership that could be purchased known as the Platinum membership. 

The Platinum membership requires a $60,000 (you heard correct) buy-in and about $15,000 in yearly dues. These yearly dues are not set in place and go up every year. Your buy-in is not refundable if you decide to leave or can no longer afford the membership. Once it's paid it's gone. 

So what do you get as a Club 33 member?

  • Members receive 5 annual passes (Platinum), one for the member and 4 for anyone else they would like to give them to, valid at Disneyland and Walt Disney World. They also receive 50 to 100 1-day park hopper tickets every year to use as they please (depending on your membership).
  • Members get access to Club 33 at anytime while they are visiting. They can go there for a bathroom break, drink break, or merchandise break (available only the club when you dine or eBay).
  • Members have unlimited reservations through-out the year at the club as long as they are present. They are allowed 20 reservations per year when they are not present.  
  • Members receive 25% off meals when they dine.
  • Members receive free daily valet parking at Disney's Grand Californian Hotel and Spa.
  • Members receive invitations to special events through-out the year including tours and member only parties. These are not free however. Tours typically require the member to dine at the club the day of. Parties typically cost around $150-$300 per person. 

A meal at Club 33 is one of the best you'll ever have. Fantastic offerings all season long and some of the best wine. It's the only place in Disneyland Park where you can get alcohol. The service is incredible and the Cast Members here cater to your every need.

Lunch at the club will cost around $80 without a drink. Typically with wine it will be about $120. Dinner runs about $100 of the basic meal, around $160 with wine. This is before gratuity.

Club 33

Guests lucky enough dine at Club 33 should take full advantage of this special event. Take all the pictures you want (no videos). Enjoy the bar before your dine by arriving about 1 hour early. Be sure to sit at the bar tables in the wine hall and watch the paintings. These are no ordinary paintings as they come to life while you enjoy a drink and appetizer. 

In the dining hall be sure to go out on the balconies that over-look New Orleans Square. It's a fantastic view.

When you're all done be sure to shop at the Club 33 merchandise stand. It's expensive (but so has the rest of the evening) so just go it!

If you don't ever get to dine there, don't worry. Check out the Blue Bayou next door. It's one of our most favorite experiences and the food is equally as good. Great atmosphere. Plus you'll save several hundred dollars....nice!