Upgrading you Disneyland ticket to an Annual Pass

We've all been there when our trip is coming to an end and we don't want to leave. We'll find any excuse to stay and play longer; or at least come up with an excuse to come back real soon. 

Cue Annual Passes. They give you a whole year to enjoy the parks with lots of special discounts depending on the type of pass you buy. Most include dining and merchandise discounts, other include parking and free photopass downloads. Either way you win.

They nice thing about already having a ticket is that you can apply the value of it towards an annual pass. There are a few things to know when doing this and we'll list them out to make it a smooth transaction:

1. You'll need to visit a box office to upgrade your ticket to an annual pass. You need to do this BEFORE your last day is up or anytime before. If you go they day after you used your last day they will tell you no. This is very important.

2. The value of your ticket towards your annual pass isn't always just what you paid. That why it's nice to purchase discount Disneyland tickets and upgrade those to an annual pass. Let's say you purchase a 4-day park hopper from Get Away Today and you pay $305; that's $15 savings over gate price. Nice! Your upgrade value towards an annual pass will be $320. You just saved $15 towards your AP!

3. Pick the pass that's right for you. Some passes have block-out dates and some don't. Think about when you would come back next and pick a pass that is valid on those days. You don't want to pick one and come on a block-out date because you'll have to buy a ticket. 

Always error on the side of caution when thinking about upgrading. It would be awful to pay $305 for a ticket and then come back later and pay another $305 for a ticket. You just paid more than the cost of an annual pass and missed out on some great discounts. 

That's it! Now you're a professional AP upgrader so go out and play more!