4 Amazing Facts about Disneyland Park!

Did you know that during the construction of the Sailing Ship Columbia, Walt Disney personally placed a silver dollar under each of the 3 masts?! It was a tradition done in the ship building years and a cause for good luck while sailing. 

When Bear Country Jamboree was still an attraction at the Disneyland Resort it featured 3 animal heads on the wall that talked and moved during the show. When the attraction was removed to make way for Winnie the Pooh the three heads were left as a tribute. To see them you'll want to sit from row of any of the rides cars and look back and up as you're exiting the Heffalump room. 

The Jungle Cruise is one of the most classic rides at Disneyland and for good reason! Who could ever get tired of that sarcasm...Before the attraction was built, Walt really wanted it to feature live animals. How different that would be! After imagineers molded over the idea they decided it wouldn't work because many of the animals would be asleep or hide from guests during the day. Eventually his dream came true though at Disney's Animal Kingdom Park!

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad can be identified by it's gigantic red rock known as Big Thunder Mountain. The western approach that was taken with the attraction while it was being built brought the Imagineers to Southern Utah for inspiration. Bryce Canyon is the setting for some amazing "hoodoo" rock formations, many of the several hundred feet tall. It's the only Thunder Mountain Railroad to be designed after these rocks.