How to Book Disney's Magical Express with 3rd Parties

Disney Magical Express is a great service offered by Disney to get you and your party from Orlando Intl. Airport to your WDW Resort Hotel and back. It's comfortable, convenient, and you don't even have to worry about your baggage! But what if you don't book your WDW Resort Hotel directly with Disney?

Websites like Expedia and Priceline can offer some great deals on property hotels. Or you may even have a coupon code or points to use with them. Either way you're saving. So how do you go about booking the Magical Express once you've booked with a third party?

Disney's created a hard-to-find website that allows you to do just this. Why they make it so hard to find we're not sure. But we've got it for you.

Book Disney's Magical Express or call (866) 599-0951

Short and sweet. Just how we like it. ;)