Shout-out to an old attraction

We love new attractions! But we also love the old ones. The classics. Typically when an attraction in replaced by a new one there's nothing left of the old one. When Country Bear Jamboree closed in 2001 at Disneyland Park it was replaced by Winnie the Pooh. One really cool thing that the Imagineers decided to do was pay tribute to Bear Country Jamboree by leaving 3 of the animal heads inside Winnie the Pooh ride. 

Bear Country Jamboree Disneyland

Can you see them? Of course! The heads of Max, Melvin, and Buff can be seen as you exit the Heffalump Room. You have to turn around and look up as you're coming out and you'll see them! It's a pretty cool sight. Be sure to try it the next time you ride the attraction. 

One really quick fun fact about Bear Country Jamboree: It was originally designed for a ski resort that Walt Disney was working on building called Mineral King Ski Resort. It was scrapped after the passing of Walt not too much later however. Bear Country originally debut at the Magic Kingdom in Orlando and became such a hit that they built one in Disneyland Park soon after.