Disneyland Property Hotels - 4 amazing reasons to stay and more!

There's really one reason not to stay at Disneyland Property Hotels: Price. 

They are more expensive than all the neighboring hotels. In the end your room will be pretty standard and you'll sleep in a bed...for $400 a night. Ouch.

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But wait! It's so much more then that! We'll try talking you into staying at one by mentioning location first. They are so close! Forget about long walks back to the hotel for mid-day naps or picking up something you forgot to bring. Forget about walking back to a parking tram, waiting in line, riding, getting out, and then walking back to your car only to have to wait in line to exit and then finally drive to your hotel. Forget about that stuff. You're within walking distance of everything.

This is why we love these 3 magical hotels. It's so easy to come back if you need to; and even if you spend all day at the parks, at least when you're tired and ready to head back you don't have to spend 30+ minutes doing it. Location is everything. 

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After location we love the service. Nobody does it like Disney when it comes to a great guest experience. Any issue that we've ever had at one of these hotels (and they are few), Disney has made it right and gone above and beyond. For instance, one time we checked into the Grand for a night and our rooms didn't get ready until after 4pm (guaranteed is 4pm). The next morning the hotel called us and offer us two other rooms to stay in until after 2pm because of the mistake. You won't find that service anywhere else. 

After service we love the magical extras, mainly Extra Magic Hour. Everyday you get to enter the parks an hour before the public. This hours is very precious! You can get so much done during this time. For instance, during this hour Toy Story Mania is 5 minutes or less. After the park opens to everyone else it's typically 35-40 minutes. Same with Radiator Springs Racer Ride. You can easily get all the big attractions done in this single hour. SOOOO worth it.

After Extra Magic Hour comes hotel delivery. Anything merchandise that you purchase in the parks can be delivered to your hotel for a later pick up. That means you don't have to drag around that giant Mickey doll or Light Saber all day long. Just send it to the hotel and pick it up later. 

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Lastly, it's just fun to be able to walk out your hotel and be immersed in the magic. No city interruptions, no traffic, just the magic of Disney and you and yours. In our opinion, all these things are priceless!

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