Uber and LYFT at the Disney Theme Parks plus get a FREE ride!

These two companies are going to be your best friends. They can save you a lot of money over rental cars, taxis, and airport vans. Our experience's with these readily-available car services have been great over the past several years. However, there are somethings you need to know:

1. They're aren't allowed to pick up at every airport. 

Some airports don't allow LYFT or Uber to pick up passengers needing a ride from the airport to somewhere. This is a serious bummer because they can be much much cheaper then a taxi or taxi van. In Anaheim they currently cannot pick up at Long Beach Airport. LAX and Orange County - SNA you can be picked up. 

Typical fares from SNA to the Disneyland Resort area are $23. Peak times can run more then $40 (rush hour). 

2. When you're heading back to the airport LYFT and Uber can take you to any of the 3 major airports. You'll typically run $23 to SNA, $32 to Long Beach, and $45 to LAX. Just remember these are much cheaper then a taxi (typically $50 plus tip). Plus you can use LYFT code: ONESMARTMOUSE for $50 in free rides or Uber code: deang2368ue for a $20 free ride.

3. Rentals cars cost per day plus many hotels charge a parking fee around $12-$14+ per night. LYFT and Uber offer huge savings compared to rentals. Plus you don't have to drive!

Disneyland Uber and LYFT

In Florida at the Walt Disney World LYFT and Uber are ever-preset and very, very helpful.

4. If you booked a Disney World Property Hotel you have FREE access to the Magical Express from Orlando Intl. to your hotel and back. So no need for a rental car or LYFT/Uber. Take advantage of that. 

If you aren't grab a LYFT or Uber. They will run you about $40-$50. Taxi's are $70+

Disney World Uber and LYFT

5. LYFT and Uber are best while you're at the resort. We use them all the time to go from park to park or from our hotel to a park and back. They are much faster then the bus system and don't cost much. It's especially nice for 1 park per day guests who will be at the same park all day. It's about $5-$7 per ride.

6. We've had many people ask us if they should tip with Uber (LYFT gives you an option on the app whereas Uber does not). We do but many people don't so it's up to you. Most of our experiences are very pleasant so we don't have a hard time tipping. We only wish they would make this available on their app because lot's of times we don't carry cash. 

If you've never used these services use LYFT code: ONESMARTMOUSE for $50 in free rides or Uber code: deang2368ue for a $20 free ride.