Single Rider Lines: Dare to ride alone..with strangers

Single Rider Lines are like the golden tickets but instead of visiting a chocolate factory you achieve all your wildest dreams at Disneyland and Disney World, but it comes with a hitch.

Imagine if Disney came to you and they were like, "we want to offer you a chance to get on several rides without waiting very long at all, no Fastpass required." And you're like, "this pleases me." So you're super stoked but then they say there's one catch: You have to ride alone...with strangers.

That sentence is very confusing and scary.

If you were raised like us you should say no to riding with strangers. However, Disney rides are the exception. But just because they are safe doesn't mean we feel comfortable. It's something you have to learn to get over; and when you do, it's magic. 

One of the best examples of a Single Rider Line that rocks is the Racers ride in Cars Land. The main line for this attraction is typically 60 minutes or more and Fastpasses are gone within 30 minutes. You certainly don't want to wait that long but you really want to ride it. Try Single Rider. This line is typically 15 minutes or less. What?! 

Now just because you can't ride with your family or friends in the same car doesn't mean you won't be with them most of the time. The ride is like 5 minutes long total but you get to stand in line with them for 15. So out of 20 minutes you were separated 5 of those. NBD.

Most of our experiences in Single Rider Lines have been just fantastic. If you love making new friends it's a great opportunity and most people don't bite. There can be awkward moments like a family of 5 gets into a car at Racers and you are the 6th man ruining their family picture....but who cares! You saved sooo much time!

Check your maps at all the parks you go to and look for the Single Rider mark. You do need to be at least 7 years old to do Single Rider. So be bold! Make new friends! And get awkwardly awesome at saving time!